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Strategic Pharma Alliance

Strategic Pharma Alliance is a specialized division of Solace Biotech Limited. It is created with the sole purpose of providing all tailor-made customized solutions to the pharma clients. It provides all services that a client searches for while starting a pharma company or already having a well established Pharma Company. Our services include product conceptualization, product development, designing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, delivery, marketing, and branding of the product. This division is dedicated to providing one stop solutions to our clients and prospective customers. We are in the process of discovering, and proving the best solutions that can treat the people of our nation in the best possible ways. To attain our goal, we are committed to supplying the best quality medicines at affordable prices.

Who We Are

At Strategic Pharma Alliance, we are passionately focused on creating a win-win situation by giving qualitative, innovative and beneficial solutions for our partners. We have a wide and ever growing product portfolio which includes tablets, capsules, injectables, dry syrups, liquid gels, ointments, creams, softgels, creams, drops, sachets, etc. As a trusted business associate, we manufacture your brand complying with strict quality parameters & using high quality of Active Pharma ingredients (API). By forming trusted relationships, we bring your product vision to life & support you to achieve next level growth.


Pharma Third Party Manufacturing-One Stop Solution

We are ‘One Stop Solution’ that you can trust for all your pharma third party manufacturing needs.We assist and support our associates with the following services:

• Product Conceptualization
• Trademark Approval
• Product Designing
• Branding Solutions
• Designing & Printing Solutions like Visual Aids, etc.
• Digital Presence Solutions like Websites, Mobile Apps, etc.
• Promotional Input Development

Offers extensive range of
promotional gifts
for your brand promotion (Promotional Items)

Digital Marketing arm
to take care
of all your such needs (Digitapex)

Premium design services
that can help you design
your brand around your concept (Inspira Graphics)


What People Say

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